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We are called in after the police leave
We are called in after the police leave.

blood scene cleanup
Blood scene cleanup

Biohazard scene



Trauma / Crime Scene Cleanup

Unexpected Events

sad person from lossWhile no one wants to confront the possibility of an unexpected or unattended death, these events frequently do happen, and when the crisis does occur, ALAM Inc is there to help. The professional staff at ALAM Inc. can help a grieving family by dealing quickly and effectively with unexpected death cleanup. Our personnel are sensitive to a family's grief and will explain the process that may be required for their situation and assist with the insurance company.

Specialized Services

proper-disposalAt ALAM Inc. we specialize in the removal, transportation, and disposal of bio-hazardous materials such as those found at a site where any serious human injury, illness, or death has occurred. We focus on the challenging issues of odor, sanitation, and the removal and disposal of biological matter. trauma scene cleaningWe work swiftly and discreetly to clean, sanitize and deodorize the area. We strive to remove any and all remaining signs of trauma and restore the environment as quickly as possible to its original state. Many victims' families are not aware that companies such as Emergency Response exists, forcing them to do the difficult job of cleaning up. This means most cases are handled by inexperienced people who often treat hazardous materials improperly, disposing of biological or toxic waste in an irresponsible way, and leaving behind and living in a very potentially biohazardous environment. No matter how complex the event, we resolve the issue with professional expertise. crime-sceneWhy risk your health and safety? Let us do the work so you don't have to - all tasks are performed by our fully trained and certified professional staff. Contact your insurance company or we can contact them for you - typically these incurred costs are covered by your homeowner's policy.

Standard Precautions

As a precaution, stay out of the affected area until our company arrives. Treat all bodily fluids as if they are contaminated, do not attempt to clean up the area, do not touch or handle items that might be contaminated with blood, and do not eat, drink, smoke, apply cosmetics, or handle contact lenses in the contaminated area. If you have been exposed to potentially contaminated blood, the federal government recommends a post-exposure medical evaluation. Consult your local health department or family physician.

We restore the crime scene back to its original state quickley and discreetly.

FREE Estimates Statewide call: 800-730-8348

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